It has been agreed you should treat your skin using this preparation which stimulates the body’s own defences to mount a reaction against the changes in your skin.

It has recently been licensed for treating surface skin cancers but it works well for other similar conditions.  The manufacturers currently recommend it is used once daily, five times a week for six weeks.  It will usually need to produce a local reaction to deal with the problem and this can sometimes be quite severe, but it is necessary if the preparation it going to have any benefit.

To try and limit the severity of the reaction, rather than use it five times weekly, we would suggest initially you use it just on three nights of the week (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and do this for two weeks.  If it is producing a reaction in terms of slight redness, crusting and inflammation then I would continue to use it at this level, but if there is no significant reaction then start to use the cream on five nights a week, i.e. Monday – Friday.  If this produces a reaction then continue at this level, but if no reaction develops, increase the use of the cream to seven nights of the week.

If a reaction develops which means you find it uncomfortable to continue using the cream stop using it and apply a bland antiseptic, such as Savlon, whilst the reaction resolves and then return to using the cream at the same intensity as before and continue until the full six week course has been completed.  If the reaction is so severe that you cannot bear to reapply the cream, please discuss this with your doctor.

The cream is dispensed in small foil packages, initially designed for a single use.  It is acceptable that the contents can be used until the sachet is empty.  The package can be pricked with a pin and small amounts of the cream squeezed onto a cotton bud and then applied to the skin.  I would advise you then fold over the top of the package, seal it with a paperclip and keep it in a small container in the fridge.

Please contact the office (01865 320790) if you have any questions or concerns.

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